In elementary school, my teacher casually mentioned that "boys tend to like history more than girls." Nothing has ever lit a fire under me more than that comment. I love reading and studying history, and I run my own local history blog, A Twist in History: The Jacob Haish Story, which documents the story of Jacob Haish, a barbed wire baron who happens to be my fourth great uncle.

I'm deeply involved in the local history community in the DeKalb, IL, area. I'm a board member of the DeKalb County Historical & Genealogical Society, and I give annual local history presentations. I love diving into history in every way I can.

Link: "A Twist in History: The Jacob Haish Story" blog

Illinois State Genealogical Society's ISGS Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 4: Jacob Haish: Barbed Wire Philanthropist

DCHGS Fall 2016 Cornsilk: "Discovering My Twisted History"

DCHGS Winter 2017 Cornsilk: "Jacob Haish's Housekeeper"

DCHGS Fall 2019 Cornsilk: Haish Family Takes Barbed Wire Journey